Sometimes a single photograph is not able to define the moment or experience of photographic event. Sometimes the idea has to do with time, cataloging, topology, experience. I have been looking at my nature and how I am relating it, as a result I return to the question "what's a photograph supposed to look like anyway?" As a group of pictures coalesces I begin to understand where I am going photographically. I like the dialog with the work. I like being involved with listening. Nova Suite showed up as a response to looking at a roof covered with maple tree debris in the spring and grew from there. Ultimately the pictures are not about what I photographed but more of what I experienced. I am still in dialog. Enjoy.
Mono Blue
Mono Gray
Flying Untied
Disturbed Air
Planes Flying In
Planes Flying Up
30"x 40"
Braga Grass
Managua Airport <10" x 94">
Pass-a-Grille, FL

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