Re:Man(ufactured) Space

Re: Man(ufactured) Space started in 2004 as a response to the construction in Boston and New Haven; the places I work and live. I am interested in the way that we claim, construct, create and recreate space in the pursuit of development,and attracted to the intermediate stages of projects where the end is not in sight but the form is beginning to show. We do some marvelously goofy things trying to get stuff right. My job seems to be to observe and report. I have photographed the social landscape for 30 years now and I think I am beginning to understand the landscape, the sociology and the beauty of a work in progress.

The photographs are printed 24"x30" on Crane Museo Silver Rag using Epson UltraChrome ink, by the artist, in an edition of fifteen with five artist proofs.
Cape Cover
BM New Haven
Area 51
Waterfront Property
St. L Red
St. Louis
Q Bridge Carpet
Nantucket Driveway
Buffalo Grass
Truro Blue
New Haven Sag
Chicopee Orange

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